'General' George - Awarded WBPF Silver Medal & recognised as WBPF International Judges License

They don't call him ‘General' for nothing.

When it comes to skills, ‘General' George George is a jack of all trades and quite probably, master of all.

In sports, he just as well known as he is in his professional life, as the brand manager of the leading business enterprise in this country.

He is a Cook Islands legend in rugby union and league and member of various other sporting bodies including former chef de mission of Team Cook Islands.

George's latest honour has come from a sport in which he has never participated. However he has certainly been involved in its administration.

Yesterday, George, who heads the Cook Islands Bodybuilding Federation, was recognised by the governing body for his outstanding contribution to the sport.

The World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (WBPF) awarded its prestigious silver medal to George in recognition of his contribution to the international development of sports and physical fitness among people of all nations, races and creeds.

He was also given an international WBPF judge's licence, making him a fully qualified international judge.

George couldn't be happier and says his dedication and love for the sport is paying off.

Thanking well-wishers for their support, he said he couldn't wait for his first international assignment.

“I have been waiting. I have been judging for a while and every time they announce (judges' names), I've been looking forward to it,” George said.

“I was dying to find out where I stood with the other Pacific Islands judges and I think this time around, I am the only one from the region who has received this certification.”

WBPF founding member and vice-president (Oceania) Philip Hope said George qualified with flying colours after an impressive judging performance in South Pacific events.

“Furthermore, if George has the time and interest to be involved with the WBPF, we will be very happy to appoint him to a position on the WBPF judges' committee,” Hope said.

“In addition to awarding a judges licence, the WBPF has also recognised the great leadership George has provided our sport in the Cook Islands which sees participation every year.”

George took over the reins of Cook Islands Bodybuilding in 2007 when it was in a need of a leader. He has since guided the minor sport to great heights.

The awards were presented by Cook Islands Sports and National Olympic Committee (CISNOC) president Hugh Graham who praised George and the bodybuilding federation for doing a great job.